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April 18th, 2011

SENuke Proxies For The Best SEO Software

Software that is widely popular online and still spreading fast is SENuke. This software helps you promote your website and your affiliate links. I have used the product personally and I am going to show you the software’s abilities and the possible limitation you might encounter. This can help determine if SENuke is something you can add into your collection of useful software or consider something else, and today we will discuss how to set up SENuke Proxies.

The objective and how the software is designed can aid you in building 1 way links from high-page standing sources and others who may not be on the high-page ranks but can also help you anyway. Primarily, you need to make an email account and various accounts on social networking sites. Once you already have the accounts, you then validate all the confirmation links that was sent to your email account. It is much better to give yourself 30 minutes prior to checking your email to ensure all confirmation links are in your mail.

senuke proxies

SENuke Proxies – My Experience

I have used SENuke X for several months now. This SEO software can definitely boost your internet business by providing good SEO aspects. If you are gravely looking to use SEnuke’s full potential you can expect the best results with high successful rates. Remember that in order to achieve this you have to use SENuke Proxies.

This is very essential especially if your internet connection is using the default proxy provided by your ISP, just like mine. I have to change my proxy all the time to avoid getting caught. Those who have internet connections whose IP changes all the time are lucky since you don’t have to put much effort when using SENuke.

I already tested lots of proxy providers and the one that really worked for me is Squid Proxies. This provided good results and only took me a few hours and their customer support is very accommodating since they can solve your concerns within twenty-four hours or even less.

SENuke Proxies – Setting Them Up

The setup process is also simple and you will be able to use SENuke Proxies in a jiffy. All you have to do is input the proxy into the SENuke windows, choose options, next is the switch screen, and then proxy. The site will then open into the internal SENuke browser. The browser will show you the same proxy that you have used in entering the software.

Setting up SENuke and using SENuke Proxies is easy and never gave me a hard time. All you need to do is follow the necessary steps to use SENuke Proxies and success is yours.


Scrapebox Proxies | Scrape Box Proxies

April 18th, 2011

ScrapeBox Proxies To Beat The Search Engines

ScrapeBox is considered one of the greatest tools in internet marketing because it can accomplish a lot of tasks at once and finish them in a short period of time. I could do a lot of things with it like: scraping and harvesting URLs, doing research and watching out for competitors, doing product research, as well as mass blogging. But in using ScrapeBox, I have to use ScrapeBox Proxies to maximize the functions and speed of my ScrapeBox.

For those who are not familiar with ScrapeBox, it was originally designed for mass blogging. But the outcome is even better than the original plan. It became an indispensable tool for internet marketers for it is very versatile and covers a wide scope. It may be a single tool, but it could do a lot of things that internet marketers need to do. It is regularly updated and, above all, it never crashes. Furthermore, you only have to pay for it once, unlike its other counterparts wherein you have to pay for monthly subscriptions for continuous usage of their tools and services.

ScrapeBox is easy to use as I learn more about its functions, like checking if the backlinks are indexed or simply scraping for ScrapeBox Proxies, I begin to appreciate it more for its convenience and versatility.

ScrapeBox Proxies To Save Time

scrapebox proxiesTechnically, scraping and harvesting are not allowed by the search engines and if the search engines find out that lots of information is being processed or requested using a single IP address, the search engine automatically bans the IP address and puts it in the banned list. This poses a problem in internet marketing because I won’t be able to monitor my competitors, I won’t be able to perform forum profiling and mass blogging for product research and advertisement. Furthermore, if the home IP address is banned, I won’t be able to link forums which could slow down my scraping. However, by using ScrapeBox Proxies, this problem is solved because it distributes the workload to different proxies that prevent overloading of the home proxy. Because of this, the search engines won’t notice that my IP address is already scraping, plus it enables my ScrapeBox to work faster because there are many ScrapeBox Proxies in the works instead of only one.

ScrapeBox programmers have installed one of the best proxy scrapers into the main GUI, but the proxies it scrapes fail pretty quickly and are slow. So that’s why I pay for and use ScrapeBox Proxies that I get from Squid Proxies for my marketing strategy. I can comment on hundreds of blogs without being noticed by the search engines, thus protecting my home IP address from being banned.

ScrapeBox Proxies For Better Performance In Internet Marketing

ScrapeBox is definitely something that internet marketers should have. No matter what their marketing style or strategy is, they should have ScrapeBox with ScrapeBox Proxies to expedite their work and reach more prospective clients to increase their income and profit.

So to get the maximum effect out of ScrapeBox, head over to Squid Proxies and get yourself some shared or private ScrapeBox Proxies and speed up your Internet Marketing!